Saturday, June 20, 2015

Nokia Mobile Phones is bringing back!

Nokia Mobile Phones is bringing back!

Finland's electronics category with their mobile phone maker Nokia and Microsoft has announced the sale of 2013 in September. But Finnish was once the world's leading mobile phone manufacturer companies. So, aside so easily up to the mobile market, Nokia. According to the agreement with Microsoft, Nokia in their own name before the 016 will not bring any phone on the market.

However, by the end of the 2016 on Nokia's stand on this responsibility would be solved. In other words, the company wanted to be able to bring to market the Nokia brand phones.

Nokia put in the time. CEO Rajeev Suri recently, "Manager Magazine" magazine, said in an interview, Nokia is now who are looking for hardware manufacturers of mobile phones designed by Nokia, and the 'Nokia' brand name that market.

In other words, Nokia is just the framework for the design of the phone, and then makes any other company in the design of the phone. The phone will be known as the Nokia brand. People will be able to easily find out the name of the hardware manufacturer. In fact, Nokia is now involved in the whole production process will only call attention to the design and brand name.

Mobile phone market to buy if you are interested in them? What are your expectations from the new Nokia smart phone?