Friday, June 19, 2015

Microsoft Owns Skype Now

Microsoft Owns Skype

Approximately 70 million Skype users around the world are just like. It can be utilized in computer, notebook, mobile phone. Then you can chat, PC-to-PC phone-phone calls possible even in some cases no cost. Skype's biggest attribute is its value in the case of audio or video chat is pretty good. But eight and a half billion US dollars to buy Skype reported that many people were surprised by that. For two and a half times more than the cost of other interested organizations. This is because of the huge investment in the Microsoft? In response to a question, that is to say, nearly 70 million users of Skype with Microsoft's other products, the company will be in a position to inform you about.

Internet world easily and at no cost pioneer Skype for voice and video chat. If you will be the Microsoft article. Altogether it will be easier for Microsoft to dominate the world of smart phones. For example, Skype mobile version already has been quite popular. However, Skype will be fully tamed Microsoft gets it. Although many of the most popular mobile phone version of the Skype telecommunications service provider do not like it. Using Skype Internet phone-to-phone calls allows the telecom providers, which adversely impacted profits. Some operators in the US and Europe have already banned advantage of Skype calls. 

Microsoft will now work with telecom service providers to reach an honorable agreement. In order to remove obstacles to the use of mobile phone is Skype. Another problem is the interface to the desktop version of Skype. It contains a number of ads, which are common to annoy users. These ads are difficult to move. There is only one way. It is a compact version of Skype. But its rivals, especially Google Talk, there is no such irritation. So if you want to stay in the competition to rearrange the interface of Skype. Microsoft is now the responsibility.

Balmar, who wanted to buy a 45 billion dollars 3 years ago, Skype, said, "Skype is a great service to millions of people around the world love. Together we will create a modern means of communication, so that their families, friends, clients or any place in the world to communicate with colleagues. "