Friday, August 28, 2015

Samsung giving Galaxy S6 are free (Test Drive - one month)

Samsung Giving Galaxy S6 are free (Test Drive - one month)

If you're an iPhone user, the latest flagship of the Samsung Galaxy series phones feels interest, brings a great opportunity for your Samsung.

The company in order to attract the attention of iPhone users only 1 dollar for 30 day's processing fee is a Galaxy phone. This is a 'test drive', ie one month to the Samsung galaxy S6 EDGE, S6 EDGE + allows you to test the Galaxy Note5. Not only that, the Samsung handset with a SIM card to enable!

To get this offer, visit the website of your iPhone to the Samsung Promotion. Samsung phones to your desired 1 dollar processing fee and 30 day's testing launch of Use. Test drives at the end of a month if you buy a Samsung flagship smartphone more surprises are waiting for you.

In order to test the Galaxy smartphone, there is a better way. What do you think?