Saturday, June 20, 2015

Microsoft has released the Windows 10's new features

Microsoft has released the Windows 10's new features 

Free upgrades are Including.

Recently, Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating systems unveiled some nice features about the customers can get a preview. Last September, a large number of Windows 10 after initial contact has been shown to change the Start menu as well as a modern, developed with the task of viewing multi-Tasking, improved interface and more.

Over a year after the release of Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 upgrades is free customers, Microsoft will provide.

Most of the new features that Microsoft has demonstrated that many of the Press Conference in the next three, four or five months to come. Let's see the new features of Windows 10.

Start Menu and Action Center

If you want full-screen Start menu in Windows 10 or Windows 7 will be able to use any of the smaller Start menu. Action Center also has been arranged so that the new Bluetooth. Wi-Fi, and other common things like setting are very easy to access. Action Center notifications will be synchronized, allowing you popup notifications to any mobile phone on any other device, then it will not have to do that you again.


Microsoft has come up with a new way of Cortana, which puts powerful search and the ability to set reminders. It's not a robot, but speaks like a real assistant. Microsoft says that it is one of the assistant had never seen one before.

Design and Interface

Design and user interface of Windows 10 were a further arranged. The user interface of the new change has been observed in almost all instances of Windows 10, which was the previous beta.

Universal App

Universal onto Windows 10, which will be run Both mobile and desktop. 'Metro' style is now even more beautiful. One of the smarter way to drive now able to show you all the images.

Project Spartan

The new browser Project Spartan, whose name has not yet been determined. As a result, it will now touch support allows you to browse and transfer highlights anywhere on the page in order to highlight the need for any special pen rather than a finger or by using the mouse, it is possible. There are also readings and moods.


X-box now supports instant messaging, Activity Vid, Universal friend list and Xbox games are now utilizing WiFi devices can play.