Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Prevent Phone Theft 'Kill Switch' Called Special Feature

Stop Phone Thief

Prevent Phone Theft 'Kill Switch' Called Special Feature

When the smartphone is stolen or lost are more worried about the misuse of the phone. Mobile phone technology needs to be powered up and off. But far better to destroy the mobile phone has no methods. That is the reason why the anxiety. Prevent the theft of mobile phones, Google and Microsoft for their Android and Windows Phone operating system, switched to the first at the Special Feature
To add to the initiative.

The BBC said at the news of the switch stolen smartphone using the feature can be played out from eliminating any of the stolen phone cannot be mobilized. Over the years, the United States and the United Kingdom to prevent the theft of mobile phones began to be added to the switch has been requested from law enforcement mobile technology firms phone makers Apple and Samsung phones, some of them have such features.

Market analysts say. Google and Microsoft, "Kiel switches' Bringing the world of feature phones steal the three operating systems will have the technology to kill. Mobile phone theft is a big problem in the world! Phone technology, innovative firms have an obligation to prevent theft. New York State Attorney General said. Worth fist switch would use the smart phone to a thief. This feature can be used to destroy the stolen smartphone.

As a result, there's no price list could switch out a way to contrast that separates criminals Experts fear. However, they said Kiel switches to add features. Manoj Menon, managing director of consulting firm Frost and Sullivan think, is an initiative to correct it. While the phone is stolen, this initiative cannot prevent that completely. Yet, it would be impossible to exploit the phone stolen.